Calling all content superstars | Sevenoaks


This is an opportunity to be part of something in Sevenoaks. If you blog to a youthful audience then this could be for you. We are looking for scribblers, storytellers, thinkers, dreamers and connectors to contribute to a new content platform. We seek individuals who love writing and who understand the mechanics behind creating intriguing and meaningful content.


The roles we have in mind range from providing guest posts, through to community management. However, if social is your thing and it’s something you have a keen ear/eye/nose for then drop us a line.


A good fit will:

– have experience of writing a blog

– be able to craft edgy yet smart content

– want to showcase their passion 


We are not right for you if:

– you’re addicted to social media

– you find cat memes funny


Don’t think you’re too young for this role. If you have the raw talent then let it shine.


Good luck!