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Stephen Willard   <br> Director – Brand Strategy

Stephen Willard
Director – Brand Strategy

I am committed to raising the profiles of every single one of our client brands, ensuring that our solutions and recommendations genuinely deliver into the business. I work closely with our clients, helping them to establish and reinforce their position in the market. I'm interested in what motivates decision making and what tactics support the development and growth of a brand. The majority of my time is spent collaborating with business and marketing leaders developing strategies geared towards achieving their objectives. I am particularly drawn to visionary clients with high ambitions who want to challenge their market, as this requires the most innovative and considerate thinking, and often produces the most impressive results too. We think we have a special way of approaching brand development at SJW - we hope you get in touch to find out more.

Caroline Thompson   <br> Head of Creative Services

Caroline Thompson
Head of Creative Services

My core responsibility is to ensure that every piece of communication we create delivers a clear message, looks visually appealing and is in keeping with our clients’ business objectives. 

I am fascinated by how well considered visuals can determine how a proposition is perceived. The choice of colour, shape, format and composition all have a role to play in attracting and influencing people, which is why I continually explore modern design trends and methods to communicate better. From social media to animated presentations; infographics to applications I am as accustomed when working with evolving technologies as I am at crafting traditional printed designs. Our clients are distinguished and high performing organisations – it is my duty to deliver compelling communication materials whilst maintaining brand integrity at all times.


Merlyn Jeffery | Creative Communications

Merlyn Jeffery | Creative Communications

Creativity is in my DNA and runs through everything I do, whether it be exploring a new concept, creating campaign messaging or building a design. My area is design communication, particularly  identity, layout, typography and illustration. 


Katie Baxter | Creative Communications

Katie Baxter | Creative Communications

I've been a successful designer for almost 15 years I have plenty of experience working on new and existing brands. I am confident taking on projects and exploring ideas to find alternative designs to communicate key messages.  I have a solid understanding of the printing process so I am able to offer help and advise to make your designs look their very best for print. My vast skill set includes presentations, social media, branding, plus plenty of other key skills. 


We are supported by a wider team of specialists including specialist systems programmers, proof readers, data specialists and print advisers.